UTEP duo elected to Peer-Led Team Learning International Society Board of Directors

Two undergraduate students from the University of Texas at El Paso were elected to the Board of Directors of the Peer-led Team Learning International Society (PLTLIS) at the university’s virtual annual conference.

Professional educators and peer leaders of undergraduates from 24 institutions across 11 states in the United States and four countries gathered at the conference to learn about the latest advances in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

Sofia Delgado and Kaleigh Love were elected to the PLTLIS Board by the attending undergraduate students. They will join the board for the next two years.

PLTLIS facilitates student learning through peer-led teams by helping practitioners and institutions develop opportunities to transform formal education through collaboration, research and dissemination. PLTLIS practitioners, faculty, learning specialists and peer leaders represent a wide range of disciplines.

“UTEP peer leaders not only helped ensure STEM sufficiency, but also helped improve STEM proficiency at 79968 (university zip code),” said Dr. Mahesh Narayan, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry. I am. “Their efforts have paid off by retaining undergraduates in traditional gatekeeper courses. They become community leaders, organizers, team builders, and managers of secure learning spaces for students. In their online education, they have embraced technology and driven innovation. “

Delgado is a biochemical major and describes himself as a naturally curious person. An aspiring neurologist helps bring new miners to campus and prepares them to succeed as peer leaders in the student experience of enrolling and as peer leaders in general chemistry in the first semester. In the future, I would like to contribute to research on the treatment of diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

“I hope my experience as a member of the PLTLIS Board will help connect with other PLTLIS programs, find the feeling that fellow leaders are off campus, and accept that they are part of the real world. “We do,” said Delgado.

Ai taught high school English before attending UTP to pursue a bachelor’s degree in biology with a plan to attend medical school. While teaching, she observed the need for medical education and medical professionals to serve lower socio-economic areas.

The UTEP Biology Major wants to be part of the solution to this problem and help fill the gaps in the needy community. She looks forward to helping PLTLIS advance its mission to have a positive impact on more students and institutions around the world through peer-lead team learning.

“PLTLIS is an empowering program for students and peer leaders,” Love said.

“Students will be given additional resources to enhance their learning and peer leaders will be taught some useful skills. These skills will improve interpersonal communication, enhance leadership and time management. Being a member of this society as a peer leader is incredibly satisfying. Becoming a member of the PLTLIS board and raising the concerns and voices of hundreds of fellow leaders. It is a true honor to represent. I would like to join the PLTLIS Board of Directors to enhance the program that empowers students. “

Author: Christina Rodriguez – UTEP Communications

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