Kitchener, Waterloo, July 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-Global Learning Technology Leader D2L is D2L by North Eastern Technical College (NETC), South Carolina, the state’s fastest-growing technical college. Brightspace announced that it has been a huge success for its students with the help of.

NETC is dedicated to providing quality educational programs that continue to be available to both traditional and non-traditional students. Colleges offer opportunities for personal growth and affluence through community services, continuing education, social and cultural activities.

Even before the pandemic, 75% of NETC courses could be offered online. When the COVID hits, the university will not only ensure that all courses are online, but will continue to provide the students with the support they need, even if faculty are unable to meet them in person. I knew I needed to. ..

During the period of decline in most college enrollments, NETC increased pandemic enrollment by 4.4% and by 2020 student permanence increased by 5.2%. With over 2,000 students, the university shows that nearly 500,000 people are logged in to Brightspace, a huge success in its online learning strategy. They also believe they have succeeded in building 21 touchpoints with each student each semester to ensure the highest quality learning experience possible.

“NETC has always focused on online education,” said Derk Riechers, NETC’s multi-modality director. “Now we can bring colleges to students’ homes more than ever. NETC is an online learning platform that is easy to use and easy to use. Innovative, including faculty members’ ability to create their own personalized virtual offices. Without D2L Brightspace and a dedicated faculty member, this level of personalization and experience would not have been possible. “

April Oman, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at D2L, said: “When NETC came to us, they were looking for a powerful and innovative new learning platform to help them achieve their ambitious goals. Brightspace is helping to achieve these goals. I’m proud of that. “

About D2L Bright Space
D2L Brightspace is a cloud-based learning platform built for those who care deeply about student success and help them prepare for:

It provides faculty members across your institution with the tools they will love and makes it easy to support an outstanding student experience in the classroom or entirely online. Designed in close collaboration with clients around the world, D2L Brightspace builds an educationally rich feature set to improve engagement, retention and learning outcomes. It also makes it easy to rate and give feedback.

D2L Brightspace is safe with 99.99% reliability. Educators have easy access to all learners because they are highly accessible and look beautiful on any mobile device.

D2L Brightspace has won multiple industry awards, including # 1 LMS technology for next-generation online education and learning. For more information, please visit D2L for Higher Education.

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